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a few testimonials

Mitch Webb

1st place Men's Bodybuilding Overall - ICN ACT Season B 2018
1st place Men's Bodybuilding Novice - ICN Australian Nationals 2018

Comp Prep

Omer Al Shammari

2nd place Men's Fitness - ICN ACT 2018 Season B

Comp Prep

Gabrielle Lyons

1st Place Women's Bikini - ICN ACT Season B 2017
1st Place Swimsuit - ICN Aus Nationals 2017

Comp Prep

Josh Calderon

Working with Viv was the the best decision I have made, he helped me change my look and my life for the better. Having him around kept me focused on my goals. He makes sure I am going in the right direction, physcially and mentally.

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Mel Painter

Viv is so accommodating and understanding with what foods I like and made my meal plan around that which makes it easy to stick to. Very supportive with minor slip ups and helps me moving forward from my progress so far and has encouraged me to my first comp this year!

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Peter Nguyen

I wasn’t always keen on personal trainers or anything like that until a friend convinced me to talk to Viv.. and honestly, I’ve reached so many goals ever since that conversation

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Emma Van Smethills

8 Week Challenge


The 8 week challenge provided me with a renewed zest for life! Through the support of Viv and a little bit of will power I was able to see some awesome results!
I've done programs before but Viv was the first person I'd come across that cares about people as much as he cares about results.

8 Week Challenge

Steven Troth

The 8 week challenge was a great experience for me getting my training, diet and health back in check with a tailor made program to suit my lifestyle and needs. Viv has a wealth of knowledge and was so supportive throughout the challenge.

8 Week Challenge


Since 2015, Empower Studios has been the official photographer for the local ICN ACT Bodybuilding Competitions.

We are there on the day, shooting you onstage as well as backstage, showcasing every little bit of the hard work you’ve put in to compete!

Empower Studios

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